Marnie Burton

My jewellery is constructed with a modern design sensibility. I have always liked creating three dimensional objects. Each piece becomes a miniature sculpture on my workbench. I am influenced by the aesthetic of other cultures, by modern art and architectural structure. I like bold, graphic, abstract forms, and quality of line . The nature of the materials melds into my designs. Jewellery is not just an object, it holds an intimate place in terms of our body and our culture, and when worn becomes private art worn in the public realm.

I use surface ornamentation techniques such as patination, which uses chemical reaction to colour the metal surface, and vitreous enamel, a thin application of glass powder fused in a kiln or by torch. I have also been experimenting with keum-boo, an application of 24 karat gold to silver. I use engraving and stamping to create lines, messages and patterns.

I studied Jewellery Art and Design at VCC in Vancouver, and spent two years working out of the Glass Onion in Strathcona as part of the SixPerCent Collective. Now I work out of my studio just outside of Ganges on Salt Spring Island, B.C..